Thursday, April 17, 2014

Planting the median along East Houston Street

An EVG reader notes that crews are out this morning planting, um, plants and stuff in the East Houston median near Avenue C...

Per the reader: "It's quite an elaborate operation."

The city estimates that the ongoing East Houston Reconstruction Project between the Bowery and the FDR will be complete by December 2015. (Find an update here, PDF)

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Today's quiz: How tall will the weeds in the East Houston median grow by the end of summer?


Anonymous said...

East 1st St between 1st Ave and Avenue A seems to be a storage facility for all the construction that's been going on for years.
It would be nice to see that area all cleaned up and purdy.

Scuba Diva said...

It would be better than nice; if they don't finish up and clean up their shit, there are a lot of businesses that will fail—like Army and Navy Bags, and Yonah Schimmel.

St. Cynocephale said...

Mugwort! A lovely, fragrant plant.