Friday, May 2, 2014

Last call for Speakeasy on Avenue C this weekend

The continued transformation of Nublu's new home at 151 Avenue C meant that the longtime tenant upstairs, Speakeasy, would eventually have to close up… and that's happening this weekend … Saturday night is it for the low-key salsa bar/club on the second floor that often feels as if you're in someone's living room. (Until the whole place is dancing anyway.)

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Anonymous said...

They will be burning out the squatters soon no doubt. They have a history with shadows. Look into it seriously. They are not what they seem. Get your guard up squatters.

Anonymous said...

RIP Speakeasy, had a lot of great nights there.

Anonymous said...

I think they need better salsa dj

Anonymous said...

it's 3 am and YET AGAIN i am wide awake because of Club 151. . . the bass is thumping so loud in my apartment i can't sleep. my windows are vibrating. how many bars do we need on one block?!?! and the construction inside isn't even finished yet, but they're open?!?! apparently they don't understand the concept of soundproofing, especially when they are surrounded by residential buildings. help!!!