Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NY Copy & Printing forced out of longtime E. 11th St. home, opening second location on E. 7th St.

Signs are up for a new tenant at 13 E. Seventh St. — NY Copy & Printing.

The family owned NY Copy & Printing has been around since 1992. Their home base is at 204 E. 11th St. with a second, smaller shop at 34 E. Seventh St.

However, the new owners of the East 11th Street building, sold late last year for $57 million to Benchmark Real Estate Group LLC, would not renew the shop's lease ahead of a condo conversion at 200 E. 11th St.

[EVG file photo]

The owners of NY Copy & Printing told us that they are very sad about leaving their East 11th Street location after 22 years, but "we have no choice." For now, they will operate both shops on East Seventh Street.

As for No. 13, half of this space was previously home to the D.L. Cerney boutique, which closed after 28 years in 2012. (This was NOT a closure due to a rent hike.) The other half of the former D.L. Cerney space is that cool lighting store, Bulb Concepts.

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Gojira said...

Damn it, those guys are who I use to print and fax, because unfortunately my hours don't jibe with Santo's over at The Source!

Anonymous said...

I love this place. So outrageous.

Anthony D said...

I love and so appreciate NY Copy Center, it's been real neighborhood oriented, real people, real community Spirit if you think it's been lost, not here. Friendly, kind, professional, and reasonable. Human! ONe of the few non chain stores left in the village. Please please support these folks at their new location on E. 7th street. Next to McSorley's. (It is not King's Copy on the same street, that's a whole different vibe). Yes, our city has let outside developers buy the street from out under out feet. Support what's left. Thank you NY Copy Center!