Monday, March 2, 2015

Juice Press on East 10th Street (the one near Avenue A) closes for renovations

And this is a legit closed for renovations, not one of those "closed for renovations" tactics (examples here and here and here) …

Not sure exactly what is being renovated here. (We thought it might also serve as a JP test kitchen.)

One tipster on the block heard that the JP was expanding into the vacant storefront next door… but that rumor hasn't been confirmed.

There are approved work permits on file with the city for "interior renovation with partition and plumbing works" on the first floor.

This Juice Press location opened in June 2011.


Gojira said...

"We have another Juice Press only one block west" - and that right there, in a nutshell, is everything that is wrong about the continuing gentrification creep. WHY should they "have another Juice Press only one block west"? Can't their target audience walk?

Randall said...

OH thank god. I thought I might not be able to get my juice.'s a block away? Why isn't there one next door? Forget it. That's too far. I guess I'll just have to drink snow melt.