Monday, May 4, 2015

B&H Dairy is close to reopening

[EVG photo from April]

Here's the latest Facebook message from B&H Dairy via their Facebook page this afternoon:

Hello to B&H customers and friends. We are very close to reopening, but still dealing with city permits to do the repairs and upgrades required to open. The office of Councilwoman Rosie Mendez has been helpful.

Just this morning we picked up the permit from the Landmarks Preservation Commission office to allow our plumber to connect the gas. We are waiting for the plumber to return our call. Once the plumber connects the gas we will need to be inspected by ConEd and the DOB. Once they say OK, we can open!

Our customers are like our family. Thank you all for you support over the last month! Watch our Facebook page for the reopening date.

B&H at 127 Second Ave. between St. Mark's Place and East Seventh Street has been closed since the deadly gas explosion on March 26.

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