Thursday, December 10, 2015

Construction watch: 22 Bond St./25 Great Jones

Construction continues at a glacial pace at 22 Bond St./25 Great Jones.

From Lafayette, you can see that workers are adding on to the Great Jones-facing exterior of the building ...

Right here.

As previously noted, the building will now house a 6-unit condo. (The building is officially 22 Bond Street, though it's also known as 25 Great Jones since the property extends through the block.)

[The view from Bond Street]

BKSK Architects designed the exterior.

Here's what they have to say about it at the BKSK website:

What was a long-dormant 14-story superstructure originally intended to be a hotel is being remade into a more contextually sensitive and art-inspired residential loft building.

Plans for the through-block site include reducing the height of the existing tower, which faces Great Jones Street, by two floors and re-establishing the building’s street presence with new façades positioned on either lot line. Taking advantage of the site’s expansive exposure on Lafayette Street, the building will become a literal canvas for art with a giant, site-specific mural. Additionally, the deep site is bracketed by two facades of weathered steel on the north and south ends, framing an “art garden” within, visible to passersby through a large vitrine near the entrance on Bond Street.

Within the garden, landscape, an expansive mural, sculpture, and elevated trees are framed by architecture, transforming the building into a vessel for art. This building-as-art concept continues the neighborhood’s legacy as an incubator for art, where beginning in the 1970s, some the city’s most prominent contemporary artists emerged. This tradition has inspired a new generation of art installations – along Bond Street in particular – that work in concert with the architecture.

According to The Real Deal, the units range in price from $9.26 million to $19.88 million. Pricing starts at $3,200 — a foot.

At one point with different developers and architects involved, the property was going to be a hotel several years back.

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Anonymous said...

EV Arrow is a Santacon organizer. He freelances for EV Heave. He's red. Connect the dots, people.

Anonymous said...

This story is cousin to the Mr Purple debacle in its feeble attempt to gain instant hipness, history, and respect by co-opting the work of an environmental activist in the first case and the lives of artists from decades past which could afford to live and work in this part of town. Paying homage to great artists with $10 - $20 million condos is lost on these clueless developers.

DrGecko said...

@anon 9:24: They're not clueless idiots. They're shysters. Their customer are the clueless idiots.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

I can't wait to see what exciting and truly gigantic site-specific mural will be brightly displayed on the Lafayette Street side of this contextually sensitive and art-inspired residential loft building!

cmarrtyy said...

Real estate is like a bank today. The rich put their money into property and feel safe. It's also a great way to launder money. And the way real estate is going in New York... very profitable.