Thursday, December 3, 2015

Reader report: That new place called Stuyvesant Organic on East 14th Street is really good

We quickly noted the other day that a new deli/cafe called Stuyvesant Organic has opened in the former Kennedy Fried Chicken space on East 14th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B.

EVG reader g whiz left this comment:
Went in the other day and met the owner Alex, a really nice guy and the food is really great. It's great in the homemade grandma's home cooking kind of way. I was glad to see a nice family owned business opening up and the prices are very reasonable ($8-12) will get you a nice meal.

Another EVG reader stopped in yesterday, and raved about the place, starting with the friendly staff and reasonable prices. The daily special with three sides is $4.99. The most expensive main dish is the salmon for $9.99, which also includes three side dishes. (Not to mention the $2 hot dogs as advertised in the front window.)

Here are some photos the reader shared...

We're looking forward to stopping by too...


Anonymous said...

Good to know, because I'm always looking for something to do when I Wash N' Clean on 14. I used to roam around Rite Aid and the dollar store, now it's like DD and that nice grocery on 14th and B where I get my ginger candies. That said, you put "organic" in your store name, then I expect to find vegetarian food.

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! Great to see basic simple dishes that are healthy for an AFFORDABLE price. THANK YOU. I will stop by to purchase dinner very soon!

Anonymous said...

mmm... 2 dollar dogs!

Anonymous said...

Went here last night!

Had fresh and delicious beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables and per her recommendation, the cabbage.

All was completely delicious and hearty at $7.99.

Anonymous said...

just finiished my take home stuffed cabbage.
the lasagna looked good, maybe lunch tomorrow??

hope they survive in-between two construction sites.

Scuba Diva said...

On December 3, 2015 at 7:57 AM, Anonymous said:

That said, you put "organic" in your store name, then I expect to find vegetarian food.

Uh, yeah: I'm not getting the sense there's anything vegetarian—never mind vegan—here.

In that case, are the beef and chicken organic? And the sides from organic vegetables?