Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The East Village Holiday Shopping Night — is tonight (and today)

[Photo last month on East 9th Street via Steven]

The East Village Independent Merchants Association (EVIMA) is hosting its second annual Holiday Shopping Night tonight.

Nearly 20 shops are taking part in the event ... and with some discounts for shoppers. Here's the list via the EVIMA website... (and these deals are good all day, not just this evening...)

There's also a free holiday party at Ballaro (no Taylor Swift xmas song requests please), 77 Second Ave. between East Fifth Street and East Sixth Street, from 6 to 9 p.m. (You can RSVP here.)

EVIMA is an offshoot of the East Village Community Coalition.


Anonymous said...

They don't offer very good discounts.

President Camacho said...

@ 1:15 -- Not only that but look at the giant petrified terrible lizard cojones on Dinosaur Hill; humiliating their patrons by making them sing for their meager ten percent off.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the discount. Got some great items. Love East Village Vintage Collective.