Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Eighth Street and Avenue C earlier today via Peter D. The abandoned golf bag trend continues.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping somebody swipes those clubs and puts them on EBay since Richie Rich obviously doesn't need them anymore. Also, we don't use the curb for our house trash around here.

Anonymous said...

Traded in his golf bag for a Supreme bag, you're cool now !!!!

A poster last golf bag story commented on the glory of golf. Mark Twain called it a good walk spoiled, but I disagree with Mr. Twain. Golf is a very fun, mentally challenging game, and if you walk instead of cart good exercise and time spent outdoors! And the city parks provide, there's many city courses you can take subways and busses too, just get a good book because its a little over an hour ride and walk. Dyker Beach is the best for this nabe, N train to 86th Street Brooklyn. And if you play after noon, its $51 for a full 18 hole round, cart, anything on lunch menu, and two drinks (beer included). You can walk 9 holes for even cheaper. Jah bless.

JQ LLC said...

Agree with 4:18 about the obnoxious display and exhibition of disposable wealth.

It's hard to tell from the pic but those look like Callaway Big Berthas, which are the best clubs in the game. I could use those, it's too bad I wasn't in the area today.


The worst case scenario is that some lowlifes might use those clubs as tools for mugging. So keep your eyes peeled.

Anonymous said...

Those are definitely not the clubs of a rich person. LOL

Anonymous said...

In my building we have a window ledge where people leave stuff they no longer want but that's still nice/usable (cookware, books etc). Maybe the golf club person has the same intent?

Anonymous said...

I often put my golf bag down when I stop for a refreshing beverage of my choice. Well, my caddy puts my golf bag down when WE pause for a rest and a refreshment.

p.s. The comments from people who obviously have never played, much less heard of, street golf are totally hilarious!