Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Report: MTA bus driver arrested after collision with pedestrian on Avenue D

Police arrested an MTA bus driver last night on Avenue D and East Houston after he struck a woman in the crosswalk.

Per ABC 7:

Just before 9 p.m. Monday, police said the M14D was traveling south on Avenue D and hit a 61-year-old woman while making a right turn to head east on Houston Street.

The pedestrian had been walking south within the crosswalk, according to the New York City Police Department.

Her left leg was trapped under the bus and was later freed by emergency workers.

The pedestrian, Aurora Beauchamp from Miami, was taken to Bellevue with a broken hip, pelvis and ribs and a bruised bladder, according to her daughter.

Per NBC 4:

[H]er daughter says she fears recent chemo treatment for her mother's cancer will complicate surgical efforts to repair the broken bones she suffered in the collision.

The driver, 41-year-old Eduard Khanimov, was arrested on a charge of failing to yield to a pedestrian.


Anonymous said...

A righ on Houston would take you west.

Sue the MTA said...


Anonymous said...

Look at the picture. The bus was turning left, not right. More fake news from ABC 7.

Anonymous said...

@1:30pm: Oh, yeah, b/c a cancer-stricken woman has all the time in the world, eh?

I pray this woman can make a good recovery from her bus-inflicted injuries, but it's hard to see how her quality (and perhaps length) of life would not be severely impacted by this in a way that NO amount of money could ever offset.

PS: Would YOU change places with this woman for the "payday" you seem so sure will result? And, BTW, how many years, on average, does it take for a lawsuit against the MTA to "pay out"?

Anonymous said...

1:30 pm..Stupidest comment ever.

Anonymous said...

Argh driver must feel terrible.

JQ LLC said...

Some bus drivers, and even others, can be psychotically territorial. I have had numerous confrontations whilst riding when a bus would just cut me off because it was by a bus stop. In their little minds, they think they have justification because technically I was violating the rules of the road by riding at that side of the street at the time.

But in the past 2 or 3 years, they are just hitting people left and right, no joke. I attribute it to the city's pandering to mass bike commuting with the partition bike lanes. It's actually made attitudes worse on the roads. And that includes the bikers, who all think the city is a big playground and think they are in the tour de france or some douche bag alley cat race.

Anonymous said...

How does an accident rise to a criminal level unless he was intoxicated?

Scuba Diva said...

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous said:

Argh driver must feel terrible.

Well, yeah: you always feel terrible when you get caught.

Anonymous said...

Whatever. It's always the cyclists fault.

Anonymous said...

an accident is rise to a criminal level when the driver violates the pedestrian's right of way. Violating your right to cross the street safely is a criminal crime because by being hit you might die at that instant.

JQ LLC said...

I didn't say or imply it was the cyclist's fault. It's the fault of reckless and oblivious city planners. Particularly that imbecile Jeanette Kahn. Recent stats show that pedestrian and cycling accidents and fatalities went up despite these infrastructure changes.

I believe an obvious example of this type is Astor Place as reported here diligently. Where the crosstown bus as less room to maneuver, the crosswalks are askew, and that massive sidewalk where a serviceable road use to be.

I have been bike commuting in the city for a few decades. I am not against cycling, just shitty cycling.

Anonymous said...

I won't make foolish comments about the actual situation because I was not there and so I have no real knowledge of what happened, when it happened or why it happened.

I will say that the NYC Bus drivers, while good drivers, are very aggressive when making turns and making the lights. Bus Drivers need a refresher course; when the light is turning yellow you do not go through. If you are in the cross section at any time the light turns red, you are guilty of running a red light. I see it every day of every week, multiple times a day in the EV. Just go to 14th Street and 2nd Avenue and watch these drivers run the lights and block the crosswalks all because they are a few minutes late on their route.