Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bringing 'the beauty of Japanese Tea Ceremony' to 7th Street

Coming soon signage has arrived over at 74 E. Seventh St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue...

As we understand it, the storefront will be a shop run by the owners of Tea-Whisk, whose aim "is to introduce the beauty of Japanese Tea Ceremony in NY."

The owners have hosted tea ceremonies at events around the city. This is their first shop. You can find the Tea-Whisk website here. Tea ceremonies date back 400 years in Japan. This article in the Voice looks at the art of tea ceremonies, and features the owner of Tea-Whisk, Souheki Mori, who runs the business with her husband.

The address here has been vacant for a few years... it was previously home to David Shoe Repair for 35 years.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Karate Kid II! in which our beloved Newark boy Daniel-san journeys to Okinawa, falls in love with a local lass and learns himself all about the beauty of Japanese tea ceremony.

Gojira said...

Guessng this venture won't still be here in 2052. But then, I won't be either!