Monday, April 3, 2017

Red Hook Lobster Pound closed for now in Extra Place

Every restaurant with an outdoor cafe seemed to be doing brisk business yesterday ... then we looked in Extra Place, the pedestrian walkway off First Street between the Bowery and Second Avenue.

Red Hook Lobster Pound, which opened at 16 Extra Place in April 2014, didn't appear to be open. And they have outdoor seating.

Sure enough... a sign on the door says that are closed until further notice...

It appears to be a more permanent closure. The Extra Place address has been scrubbed from the Red Hook website.

It could be a seasonal closing... however, Red Hook's Montauk location has a "closed for the season" message next to its address.

As previously reported, nothing has really worked in the former alley that ran behind CBGB...

A handful of restaurants and businesses have come and gone in recent years. Only David Chang's Momofuku Ko remains.

Ten years have passed since we first heard about Avalon Bowery Place's plan to make Extra Place "a slice of the Left Bank, a pedestrian mall lined with interesting boutiques and cafes."

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Anonymous said...

That location certainly has proven to be "extra" space that no one really wants.

Giovanni said...

Perhaps when they named it "Extra" place they meant something else, because "extra" also means unnecessary, superfluous, redundant or unneeded. So maybe we should just call it Redundant Place or Unneeded Place to clear up the confusion. Or maybe call it Bowery Curse Alley, because you know what happens to dreams on The Bowery.

Anonymous said...

After all these years I can't get over that horrendous fuckin building

Gojira said...

Gee, what a surprise, no one wants to hang out and eat in a charmless, grey, depressing, gloomy, unappealing corridor that makes the New Astor Place look warm and fuzzy.

Sarah said...

Dead ends are inherently unwelcoming to pedestrians. I'll be surprised if anything that doesn't have its own distinctive draw not dependent on foot traffic (e.g., Ko) makes it here on whatever bloated rents they are undoubtedly asking.

Anonymous said...

@Gojira: You nailed it.