Sunday, April 9, 2017

Your chance to see the Moon and Jupiter meet in Virgo from 3rd Street

Last night, Felton Davis had his telescope set up on Third Street as "the almost-full waxing gibbous moon begins its monthly sweep in front of the constellation Virgo, where, it so happens, the dazzling planet Jupiter also resides."

Felton will be back out this evening at 8:30 ... outside Maryhouse at 55 Third St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. As he said in the comments, "prepare to watch Europa (in the news lately because of its detectable atmosphere) pass in front of Jupiter, casting a shadow!"

And thanks to Grant Shaffer for these photos.


puma2003 said...

Both the Moon and Jupiter are in Libra today, not Virgo.

Felton said...

For detailed info on why the astrological and astronomical constellations do not match up, Google "precession of the equinoxes." With a telescope we have to deal with the stars and planets as they are today, not 2000 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I normally read based on an ephemeris. Jupiter and a full moon in Virgo- depending on what other aspects there are- good or bad- it's big emotions for Virgos. Jupiter makes everything bigger- good or bad. Thank u for posting the great photo!