Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week in Grieview

[After Thursday's rain in Tompkins Square Park. Photo by Ryan John Lee]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

RIP David Peel (Thursday)

Bike-truck collision on First Avenue at Ninth Street (Wednesday)

Remembering Glenn O'Brien (Friday)

A report of seven burglaries in the past month in these six East Village buildings (Tuesday ... Saturday)

A refurbished Quad Cinema reopens April 14 (Friday)

Out and About with Terry and Harmony (Wednesday)

A look at Jared Kushner's financial disclosure report (Monday)

An ode to Angelica Kitchen (Friday)

Bringing "the beauty of Japanese Tea Ceremony" to Seventh Street (Thursday)

Lanza's has returned — on 23rd Street (Tuesday)

Red Hook Lobster Pound closed for now in Extra Place (Monday)

Webster Hall has a new owner (Tuesday)

The new Carmen Pabon Garden is now open to the public on weekends (Friday)

Ummburger vying for the Mancora space on First Avenue (Wednesday)

Christo and Dora have more company in the city (Monday)

Slim dining options at the Hyatt Union Square for the time being (Tuesday)

Construction watch: 79 Avenue D (Friday)

About the for rent sign outside Somtum Der on Avenue A (Monday)

Up to 4 floors at the all-new 34 E. 13th St. (Wednesday)

Village Pourhouse makes closing official (Tuesday)

A quick look at the revamped Whole Foods Market® Bowery and its higher-profile bakery (Monday)

...and a scene from Tompkins Square Park yesterday via Derek Berg...


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Anonymous said...

Just want to add here that the artist of the "Nail-a-Thon" piece is the wonderful Sandra Koponen.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much. This is Sandra Koponen here and I am glad that so many people participated in the Nail-a-tho to Disempower Trump and Co. Please, do not confuse hammering a nail into a piece of wood representing a man a who is harming 100s of thousands of people. This is a ritual to empower thr people to disempower the oily oligarchs, and the event was done in a joyful and peaceful manner (just saying this because we were misunderstood by at least one reporter).You can watch a video of the event here: