Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mancora has apparently closed on 1st Avenue

[Photo Friday by Vinny & O]

The gates have been down at Mancora, the Peruvian restaurant on First Avenue at Sixth Street, for the past 10 days or so. Several EVG readers noted that workers have gutted the interior, leaving some speculation of a temporary closure for renovations.

There isn't any note to patrons about the closure, temporary or otherwise. The phone kicks into an automated message about the customer not haven't set up a voicemail box.

The Mancora space was expected to yield to a "fast casual" concept called Ummburger. No update on that venture at the moment.

A sample menu for Ummburger posted on the CB3 website this spring showed a variety of burgers, including a vegetarian option ... and a fried chicken sandwich called the Southern Ummfort.

Mancora first opened in March 2003.

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Ummburger vying for the Mancora space on 1st Avenue


Anonymous said...

Another stupid burger place, how unoriginal. Mancora was a great place, great food and a really lively and happy atmosphere; sad to see it go for something so lacking in imagination. The new place will probably be peeling potatoes soon.

Peter Feld said...

This is a sad loss, as was Guayaco. Stopped in for lunch a few weeks ago and glad I did. Great, now another yuppie spot.

Giovanni said...

Here are, umm, a few items from the Ummbiger secret menu:

The Bummburger, perfect for people who appear to never bathe, especially skateboarders and Crusties.

The Hummburger, the burger for people who sing but don't know the words, especially Taylor Swift fans

The Dummburger: the burger for anyone who is so stupid that their IQ has gone into remission. Perfect for landlords and co-op board members.

jose garcia said...

we had supper there a few weeks ago since we'd read here that it was possibly closing. we will miss it. xo

Anonymous said...

The Cummburger - Named in tribute to all the Union Square jerkoffs.

The Hohummburger - Named in tribute to what Union Square and the East Village have been since 2000: ho-hum.

The Redrummburger - Named in tribute to Danny Torrance in The Shining ($1 off if you squawk REDRUM! REDRUM! like he did.)

TheRattleAndHummburger - Named in tribute to U2.

Ruwan said...

Can the East Village get a White Castle already? The Crave Case would solve all problems!

I'd donate to a Kickstarter to make this happen and make sure Hummmburger didn't happen.