Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rebranded Atomic Wings reopens this week on 1st Avenue

[EVG photo from August 2016]

The Atomic Wings location on First Avenue between 11th Street and 12th Street closed late last summer... and stayed that way for several months before reopening in the fall under new management ... only to close again earlier this spring.

Anyway, the Wing team is reopening on Friday in a rebranded space... with a new catchphrase: Authentic. Awesome. Atomic...

[Photo last week by Steven]

Here are some particulars about the grand (re)opening via Facebook:

Come WING IT with us on June 9th for our GRAND OPENING!

Enjoy the sounds of DJ Reach, and specials like FREE French fries to the first 100 people and FREE waffle [fries?] with any tender order through the entire weekend! Did we mention we're also raffling off a brand new mountain bike to one lucky guest!!

There are multiple AW locations in the NYC and surrounding area.


Anonymous said...

Wow I thought they were gone, did not know they just renovated. Never saw the place busy, perhaps its not right location being across from an elemetaru school. Perhaps and old time candy shop?

Anonymous said...

They mainly do delivery. They are the best! Or at least were.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine ordered wings from Atomic Wings on Super Bowl Sunday a few years back, and they never arrived, and she never could get an answer out of anyone there that night, so she gave up. But we will also think of those wings, wondering where they flew off to.

Anonymous said...

They were horrible the last few years of operation. Their wings were the size of French fries. Total rip off. Hopefully they will be able to regain their glory.