Friday, June 9, 2017

Sunday in Tompkins Square Park: Puke Island part 7

Here's the lineup:

2 p.m. — A Special Mission
2:45 — Sexual Suicide
3:30 — Invading Species
4:15 — The Accelerators
5 — The Third Kind

Promises to be a festive day in Tompkins Square Park. In addition to the concert, participants in the Body Pride Parade will be meeting starting at noon to prep (strip?) for a march at 2 p.m. to Washington Square Park.

And the temperature will hit 95 degrees.


Eden Bee said...


Anonymous said...

Loud and Fast, and no Deadheads

Anonymous said...

Hey let's have an event named after something created and curated by ABC No Rio and Make Music NY then take jabs at them (which I'm all for but it's pretty stupid to continue to have an event under a name ABC and MM came up with thus make people think those two are still involved with it.)

Also enough with the cronyism and onlyism i.e. the same pool of 5-10 bands who never/barely/rarely play any shows besides these. Plenty of real bands to book.

Anonymous said...

@8:51 PM If you want to book "real" bands: Get in touch with the Parks Department, fill out the forms, pay for and reserve the date and bring the sound system. If there is some vibrant local rock(?) scene being ignored then step up. Curious who the "real" bands you're referencing are. Name a few? (all publicity is good publicity)

Anonymous said...

8:51pm back. Tell me the name of the company who rents the truckbed and soundsystem for TSP shows and I'll set up a show.

Anonymous said...

@7:42 AM Google is your friend. There are many backline companies in NY. Parks Dept reserves on a ... first come first serve basis. Good luck! And book the jazz quartet that plays by the fountain as it would be cool if it wasn't all hard rock and metal.

Anonymous said...

I used Google, wiseass, but couldn't find the specific company I would want to contract who provides the backline and the truckbed bands play on, hence why I asked and I wasn't necessarily asking only you.

How 'bout you "step up" and book the jazz quartet?

Anonymous said...

@7:09 PM Because I'm not the one complaining that "real bands", whatever that means, aren't playing. If you're paying attention you'll find that the different shows in the park use different arrangements for stage and sound. Next Charlie Parker Fest get the number of their tech crew but start saving now. Or maybe complain directly to the Puke Island crew and find out how they do it.

chris flash said...

PUKE ISLAND shows are put on each year by Chris Iconicide, with assistance from The SHADOW, as Chris' response to what he perceives as a bureaucratic elitist process controlled by ABC No Rio, which determines which bands are acceptable to play their "Punk Island" shows. Lyrics to songs must be presented for review by a committee beforehand, and, from what Chris says, ABC has people who monitor Punk Island shows in order to make sure that bands adhere to their rigid policy.

If true, that is total BULLSHIT and UN-acceptable to bands who are TRUE punk rockers!!

It's quite easy for anonymASS assholes to criticize shows in Tompkins Square Park when they have NO FUCKING IDEA what it takes to put those shows on with NO sponsorship and practically no budget. (Note that the BIG money required for the Charlie Parker festival comes from the real estate parasites who have pushed mom and pop businesses and low-middle-income residents out of our neighborhood!!)

Our shows are a grass-roots effort by community members who are commemorating certain events and celebrating the counter-culture that survives in the face of decades of compounding hyper-gentrification that has resulted in the loss of countless venues throughout the city.

If anyone has positive suggestions vs asinine criticisms, feel free to contact us to offer something constructive:

the said...

Punk Island was "created and curated" 10 years ago by a former Squatter called Slug, who (admittedly, against his own better judgment) handed it over to ABC No Rio in its 4th year. Careful, your ignorance is showing.