Sunday, August 2, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Photo on A today by Derek Berg]

Posts this last week included...

• RIP Annette Averette (Wednesday)

• RIP Carol Porteous-Fall (Friday)

• SOS: Local business owners discuss their COVID-19-related rent challenges (Thursday)

• Bluestockings closes on Allen Street; new LES location in the works (Thursday)

• City temporarily removes makeshift living quarters from the NW corner of 2nd Avenue and 7th Street (Monday)

• Checking in with East Village artist Ethan Minsker (Wednesday)

• Closing Day at Gaia’s Italian Café (Tuesday)

• John's of 12th Street is back in action (Friday)

• More details about the slashing outside the Black Ant (Monday)

• Bali Kitchen will offer a weekend service through August (Saturday)

• Ben & Jerry's peace out of St. Mark's Place (Friday)

• A petition to allow patrons to sit at a bar without having to order a meal (Saturday)

• This week's NY See panel (Thursday)

• Van Đa returns to service on 4th Street (Thursday)

• Sidewalk bridge arrives ahead of the demolition of the former Church of the Nativity (Tuesday)

• Gutting the former Hells Angels clubhouse on 3rd Street (Wednesday)

• iSouvlaki debuts on 12th Street (Tuesday)

• Parlor says goodbye to the East Village after 25-plus years (Thursday)

• Lhasa is a Tibetan restaurant coming to 1st Avenue (Monday)

• Le Sia has closed on 7th Street (Wednesday)

• Former Associated in Stuy Town now for rent (Monday)

• What's happening with the Ten Degrees space on St. Mark's Place (Monday)

... and didn't get the chance to note some of the downed limbs in Tompkins Square as a result of the late-night storms this past Thursday... Steven shared these photos...


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