Sunday, August 9, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Photo yesterday by Derek Berg]

Posts this last week included...

• Tompkins Square Library reopens today for grab-and-go service (Monday)

• New 5th Street coffee shop closes in less than 2 months; owner says the 9th Precinct's barricades "greatly restricted" his foot traffic (Thursday)

• CM Carlina Rivera calls for Parks Dept. to review fate of Cox statue in Tompkins Square Park (Tuesday)

• Bluestockings announce new home on Suffolk Street (Saturday)

• Manhattan45, a dance music record store, arrives on 10th Street (Thursday)

• Tropical storm Isaias brings down tree limbs in Tompkins Square Park (Tuesday)

• Storm damage: Pedestrian injured by falling debris on Avenue A and 3rd Street (Tuesday)

• East Village bar owner petitioning against Cuomo’s COVID-19 menu mandate has liquor license suspended for not serving food (Wednesday)

• An East River Park reunion (Saturday)

• MTA unveils new 14th Street L-train elevators; make a pitch to the feds for funding (Friday)

• This week's NY See Panel (Thursday)

• Fish ahoy! The Chippery debuts on 1st Avenue (Tuesday)

[As seen on 2nd Avenue]

• 204 Avenue A disappears; the all-new 202 Avenue appears (Tuesday)

• Bowery Mission selling Avenue D facility (Thursday)

• The Walgreens on Astor Place closes at the end of August (Monday)

• Hamilton Fish Pool reopens (Monday)

• Porsena has closed for good on 7th Street (Monday)

• Fonda permanently closes on Avenue B (Wednesday)

• Oda House closes East Village location (Thursday)

• Karma Lounge closes after 21 years on 1st Avenue (Friday)

• Matthew Kenney changing up concepts on 2nd Avenue and 4th Street (Monday)

• Cantilevering condoplex next to Rite Aid looking glassy (Monday)

... and it was a busy week for making 2020 holiday plans and discarding last year's Christmas tree... as seen Wednesday on St. Mark's Place via Derek Berg...

... and a day later a reader came across this on 12th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B...


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Jose Garcia said...

It's been a busy week. We appreciate your continued coverage of former holiday trees and bushes. Some values are eternal. xo, jg