Thursday, September 10, 2020

Sept. 10

EVG reader IzF spotted this today on Third Street between Avenue C and Avenue D... currently the leader.


Anonymous said...

I was so naive to think my July discovery would be the winner.

Jose Garcia said...

Back in the way before times it seems in order to be "officially official" these entries required the inclusion of that day's newspaper to qualify. Is that right? Or maybe that was just for the Lindbergh baby. Best, jg

Grieve said...


True, there was a newspaper-verification requirement early on. However, there was pushback from readers-residents-local-elected officials on such a low-tech approach to the process. Several people also complained that they no longer read a hard copy newspaper, and simply go online until their 10 (or so) free articles are used up for the month.

There was also the resident who bought a Post for $2 to use for verifying the date of the discovery. The reader then submitted a $2 invoice, which is double the EVG annual budget.

So for now we're on the honor system, ever vigilant of deep fakes. There was a submission from Aug. 29 in which the reader claimed to have found a discarded tree on Avenue B near 12th Street. Upon closer inspection, people in the background were all in winter coats and there was at least 6 inches of snow on the ground. This was clearly not Aug. 29, and they were eliminated from competing until 2040.

Anonymous said...

I bought a NYP once to back up my tree photo claim. I remember feeling so ashamed, and looking around for a bodega where no one would know me and see me buying that rag. And did I even win that year? No!!!