Sunday, December 6, 2020

Week in Grieview

Posts from this past week include... (and thanks to Vinny & O for the photo from Tompkins Square Park yesterday) 

• Second Avenue fire coverage: here ... here ... here... here ... and here

• RIP Miguel Algarín (Wednesday

• The annual Holiday Tree Lighting in Tompkins Square Park is canceled due to COVID-19 (Friday)

• C&B is expanding on 7th Street (Wednesday

• A visit to the Tree Riders (Thursday

• A visit to Paradise Alley at Duane Park (Friday

• The Tompkins Square Library's annual East Village Arts Festival is underway online (Tuesday

• This week's NY See panel (Thursday

• Where a grand elm stood (Tuesday

• Gallery Watch: edenchrome for all at ASHES/ASHES (Wednesday

• Report: City drops plan for hotel special permit requirement south of Union Square (Monday)

• Signage arrives for Cadence, the latest Ravi DeRossi venture on 7th Street (Monday

• Vin Sur Vingt Wine Bar opening an outpost on 2nd Avenue and 11th Street (Tuesday

• New restaurants for this stretch of 4th Street (Wednesday

• Loverboy has apparently closed on Avenue C (Friday)

• Phebe's has decided to close for now (Wednesday

 • Bagels — and a deli — for 9th Street (Monday

• A new home for Home Town Village Convenience Store on St. Mark's Place (Thursday)

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