Monday, May 3, 2021

In run-up to reopening, Short Stories is renting its bar by the hour for private drinking sessions

Short Stories, the cafe/bar at 355 Bowery, is prepping to reopen here between Third Street and Fourth Street.

Starting today, when people can legally sit at a bar again, they're holding a "friends and family" preview. 

And what does this entail?
We’re letting you buy the whole bar for just you (or you and a friend) one hour at a time. Four hundred plus days ago NYC ended bar service. No one has legally ordered a drink from a bartender in all that time. For $60 you get the whole place to yourself, plus two cocktails, to do just that. We’re running this each Monday until we reopen. This is for the most committed of drinkers.
100% of the sales (plus whatever you nice people tip) will go to our wonderful bartending staff. They deserve it.
You can find the reservation info here... and it includes a bartender mode 1.) Flirt 2.) Rude 3.) Jovial 4.) Flair. 

Short Stories first opened in February 2019.

During the winter-spring hiatus here, there was some speculation that Short Stories was not going to reopen... fueled by cryptic messages in the curbside dining structure... 
... "WTF happened to Short Stories" ...
... and "Bowery Kills" ...

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