Sunday, January 8, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a Second Avenue mannequin photo by Derek Berg) ... 

 • 4 East Village development sites to watch in 2023 (Wednesday

• NYPD looking for 3 suspects in New Year's Eve stabbing on Avenue A (Wednesday

• Parting thoughts on being a small-business owner as Love Thy Beast departs the East Village (Thursday)

• The last days of Timbuktu (Friday

• A happy birthday mural for Ray on Avenue A (Monday

• A celebration of Three Kings Day (Saturday)

• The future of the unlicensed weed vendors (Tuesday)

• Hearth is starting its 20th anniversary year with a renovation (Wednesday

• Preview 2023: Target Union Square (Thursday

• Health scare: IG-Fit closes on 14th Street (Tuesday

• Bagel Market replacing Bagel Boss on 14th Street (Friday

• From Mikey's to Smileys on Avenue A (Tuesday

• A report of a small fire at Dua Kafe on 14th Street (Friday

• What's happening at the ConEd substation? (Friday

• On Astor Place, a yearn to spin again (Monday

• Spring cleaning this winter at B-Side (Friday

• Signage alert: Ankara #3 (Wednesday

• Belse has closed on the Bowery (Thursday) ... Blue & Cream has left the Bowery for Bleecker Street (Tuesday

• Signage alert: Wild Rabbit Coffee on 7th Street (Thursday

• The 13th Step is now going as Downtown Social (Wednesday

... and a parting shot of Chesney after the Gifts of the Magi" performance Friday at St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery (photo by Derek Berg)
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