Tuesday, September 11, 2012

154 Second Avenue starting to show off its girders

Two months have passed since we checked in on the progress at 154 Second Ave., where workers will be adding several new floors for "luxury rental apartments."

Kind of hard to say what's happening behind the scaffolding. EVG reader Terry Howell notes that most of July brought intermittent banging and knocking without much evidence of actual "construction."

Then! In early August, he noticed that workers delivered a pile of girders. Let's take a look at the latest photos that he shared...

Terry also hears that the remaining structure facade will not be kept — eventually it will all be demolished.

Here's what the address looked like in the 1940s, via Vanishing New York...

And one day...

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Anonymous said...

Hmm. One of those situations where I feel inclined to say, (if the rendering is accurate) that that new building could be so much worse.
(just thankful for small favors)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, this is actually modest, and fitting.