Friday, September 21, 2012

20 East Village bars and cafes to enjoy a football-free Sunday

As I first reported, the NFL season has started. OK, first things — the following isn't any kind of an anti-football post... I personally like football, and am rooting for the A's and Orioles to take the American League Wild Card spots. Anyone but the Patriots.

So, two-plus weeks into the NFL season, I've heard a few grumbles from people who don't care for being overrun by the jersey-clad set on Sunday afternoons/early evenings while out having a drink. (Or just trying to walk on the sidewalk.) Perhaps it's the barking. Or the matching his-hers NFL jerseys. Or the pre-Jäger shot Bro call. Or...

I've updated this post from January 2011... here is a list of a few bars/cafes (some may have TVs, but you likely won't find any sporting events on them...) where you should be able to enjoy a football-free existence for a few hours... (and what's with all the italics?)

• 2A, Avenue A
Boxcar Lounge, Avenue B
• B-Side, Avenue B
• Blackbird, Avenue B
Bua, St. Mark's Place
Burp Castle, East Seventh St.
• Coal Yard, First Avenue
• Fish Bar, East Fifth Street
HiFi, Avenue A
The International Bar, First Avenue
Jules Bistro, St. Mark's Place
KGB Bar, East Fourth St.
Lucien, First Avenue
• Max Fish, Ludlow
• Niagara, Avenue A
Otto's Shrunken Head, East 14th St.
• Scratcher, East Fifth St.
Swift Hibernian Lounge, East Fourth St.
Vbar, St. Mark's Place
• William Barnacle Tavern, St. Mark's Place

Please name other football-free bars-cafes in the comments. (Like The Library? Are they still only showing movies on the big screen in the back Sundays?) The above list isn't 100 percent comprehensive by any means... (and Hookah bars don't count...)

[P.S. Thanks to esquared for help with the list]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Grieve. Although I don't really drink much..I have had trouble walking on the sidewalks..all these wooers standing in the street. Not enough room for pedestrians to pass. Thanks for the list. I have friends with whom I mingle who will appreciate this list and so do I.

esquared™ said...

I'm rooting for Arsenal to win the pennant and Swansea for a wildcard spot.

My liver says you're welcome.

Hey19 said...


Shawn said...

Rue B, Avenue B

Anonymous said...

The Beagle, Ave A.

Marty Wombacher said...

It's not in the EV, but the Russian Vodka Room has no TV's and no windows either! Always feels like the middle of the night in there. One of the few places worth taking the trip to midtown.

Anonymous said...

the beagle is a must have.

Anonymous said...

No one cares about The Beagle.

For the love of god, stop spamming, or at least get better at it.

Spike said...

Is this Beagle you speak of fit for a monarch?

Anonymous said...

Are we living in a parallel universe? If you don't like football don't watch it, what kind of bar is willing to forego the revenue they'd otherwise not get on a Sunday afternoon?

Also, were this the WOrld Cup, the pseudo snobs would gleefully pick some random South American team to "Wooo!" at. We have completely entered the Twilight Zone.

EV Grieve said...

Never been to the Beagle... never knew of anyone who has been to the Beagle. What is it a "must have" for ...?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list, guys. More bars on the list than I would have thought. I feel as if the whole East Village is one big football party on weekends. (Saturdays are bad too with college football and the sportos.)

Sundays used to be my favorite day to go out.

Anonymous said...

docs on 9th and a. they have small tvs, but people don't usually pay attention to games there so it doesnt get annoying. ever.

nygrump said...

Sports bars pretty much embody everything wrong with this society - electronic heroin broadcasting its message of domination and violence while the watchers binge on powerful intoxicants. But who am I to judge.

Anonymous said...

big bar, 7th between 1st and 2nd

Anonymous said...

The Beagle is cruel to animals and has overpriced drinks.

Anonymous said...

Vbar has a big tv and a Sex and the City vibe on Sunday. CAUTION.

Pumpkin Patch said...

Maybe I didn't publish it correctly (or maybe I came off as a shill), but Alphabet City Beer Company is usually pretty quiet. I guess they did show some of the Olympics, so maybe I should type something cynical and anti-organized sport.

Anonymous said...

Drop Off Service 211 Avenue A btw 13/14

Anonymous said...

Shoolbred's, 2nd Ave just north of 12th St.

Anonymous said...

Just like the dog its named for, The Beagle licks its own ass. Because of that, only assholes go there.

Just because a bar has TVs, doesn't mean it will be unbearable. Shout out to:

and... Blarney Cove

Great job Eric/Grieve!

LvV said...

Oh, I love Drop-Off Service! Back when it was my fucking laundromat.

Gigi said...

Also The Ninth Ward on 2nd Ave between 11th and 12th.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:12 pm, don't hate on futbol because it's a beautiful game. This blog equally shows the inanity of the sports fanatics, regardless what the sport is (see this for example) . and as I type this, the Liverpool, Man U, Arsena, Man City,l fans are now spilling out into the EV streets, and the Jets, 49ers, NFL fans are now coming into the bars.

and yes, the ev seems like now a twilight zone and a parallel universe. it is now overrun by fratboys, valley girls who hang-on to the fratboys, and bars and chains, when it used to be about the creative types and the revenue came from mom and pop shops such as laundromats, shoe repair stores, tailors, fish and meat market, etc.

concur with anon. 11:42 am, in addition, Tile Bar, Blue and Gold, Joe's Bar and Odessa dark. but if strictly speaking of bars without tvs, Three'O'Cups (the lower level) and The Belgian (but negative side is that it's the same owner of that frat place Hop Devil). Slàinte, folks.

Anonymous said...

the ninth ward , ugh. "A New Orleans-themed bar in NYC called Ninth Ward has opened. Maybe I'll open a NYC-themed bar in New Orleans and call it World Trade Center."

And fuck The Beagle.

LvV said...

2:08, I don't know much of Cajun Boy outside of his short stint at Gawker, but the enduring power of his Ninth Ward statement is undeniable. Bam, motherfuckers.