Sunday, September 30, 2012

Looking at the 2 Bros. fire damage

Things were pretty quiet on St. Mark's Place this morning (save for the group of crusties camped out adjacent to the 7-Eleven) ... Not much sign of damage from last night's fire in the apartment above Little Tokyo and 2 Bros. Pizza.

Little Tokyo was sealed up, but the 2 Bros. gate was open (this is the one that sells the $1.50 "supreme slice") ...

Workers at the scene wouldn't answer any questions, such as what the extent of the damage was or when they might be able to reopen.

Per an EVG and witness to the fire: "The place next door to 2 Bros, Little Tokyo, is devastated; a wall was torn out and everything up against it smashed or thrown onto the sidewalk. Those poor guys are going to have a hell of a cleanup..."


julia said...

My favorite late night pizza slice :(

Big Gay Ice Cream Man said...

Ugh! Condolences to the dwellers and shop owners. :(