Friday, September 28, 2012

Report: The LES Pathmark is closing in December

Dunno if you ever shop at the Pathmark down on Cherry Street by the Manhattan Bridge. The Lo-Down gets confirmation that the store is closing at the end of December.

Per a store spokesperson:

We are relinquishing the lease to accommodate a large scale residential development and improvement project, while preserving the right to operate once the project is complete.

There was an uproar back in November 2007 when rumors circulated that an enormous development would take the store's place. This time it seems like a done deal.


glamma said...

But will they keep the cool parking lot??

Anonymous said...

Now where am I going to buy expired food? Oh, yes, Fine Fair. Phew.

Anonymous said...

Very bad news for me. I shop here and save a lot of money. Best place to shop for your basic stuff. Everyone can't afford these gourmet supermarkets.

Uncle Waltie said...

You can buy expired food at MET on 2nd Avenue. Just peel off one of the stickers on their meat packages.