Friday, September 28, 2012

Something in the works to take over the former Polonia space on First Avenue

[EVG file photo]

CB3 just sent out the October CB3/SLA docket (meeting is Oct. 15). It hasn't been posted yet online...

One item of particular interest — No. 18, which is the former Polonia space, the Polish diner that closed in December. We heard that a "foodie type" was eyeing the space, which has been on the market. (The ad called for "established food operators.") We'll see if we can track that one down over the weekend.

We'll have more on all this on Monday... but here it is in the meantime:

Renewal with Complaint History

1. One & One Bar (Nexus Lounge), 76 E 1st St aka 12 1st Ave (op)

Applications within Resolution Areas

2. One More Thai Corp, 6 Clinton St (wb)

3. Apartment 13 (115 Avenue C LLC), 115 Ave C (op)

4. Tiny Fork (Project 6 LLC), 167 Orchard St (op/alt/add bar in basement)

5. 106 on the LES LLC, 106 Rivington St (op)

6. Yardbird LLC, 162 Ave B (wb)

7. Nublu, 151 Ave C (op)


8. Jane's Sweet Buns (Derossi Chelsea LLC), 102 St Marks Pl (wb/alt/lengthen bar)

9. Parkside Lounge (Sterling Parkside Corp), 317 E Houston St (op/alt/additional bar)

New Liquor License Applications

10. Paulaner Brauhaus Restaurant LLC, 265-267 Bowery (op)

11. Entrez (Entrez Bar & Grill Inc), 162 2nd Ave (op)

12. Sunshine Lounge (Cinema Beverages Holding Company LLC), 143 E Houston St (op)

13. Souvlaki Gr LES (Uber Caffe LLC), 116 Stanton St (change of class from existing wb to op)

14. Shanghai Asian Manor Inc, 21 Mott St (wb)

15. CMH BBQ Holdings LLC, 103 2nd Ave (op)

16. Glaze 4th Ave LLC, 139 4th Ave (b)

17. To be Determined, 269 E Houston St (op)

18. To be Determined, 110 1st Ave (wb)

19. Noodle Bar (One Noodle Bar Inc), 141 1st Ave (wb)

20. La Meridiana I Ltd, 176 2nd Ave (wb)

21. Cowboy Pizza LLC, 201 Clinton St (wb)

22. Seven Spices (Village Grill 82 Inc), 82 2nd Ave (wb)

23. To be Determined, 123 Allen St (op)

24. Organic Grill, 123 1st Ave (wb)

Corporate Change (not heard at committee)

25. Balade (Great Caterers LLC), 208 1st Ave (wb)

26. Hotel Chantelle (The Amber Avalon Corp), 92 Ludlow St (op)


b=beer only | wb=wine & beer only | op=liquor, wine, & beer | alt=alterations


Gregg said...

Looking forward to hearing if you can find out who's taking over where Polonia used to be. Great space & location... hopefully it's something good!!

Spike said...

Sunshine going to sell beer? I'm for that!

Anonymous said...

What does "corporate change" mean?

Jill said...

This is the way i understand it works: Corporate change means an entity is buying the entire corporation rather than just the assets. It is unusual because it is risky to take on someone else's failed business and their debts. It is unrisky because youndont have to apply for a liquor license, it's now yours.

Assets typically consist of the liquor license and nothing else. That is usual way a transfer of a license happens ( ie they transfer the assets from one corporation to another).

Generally a corporation consists of the one bar or restaurant and nothing else in it. When a corporate change happens (ie the principals of the corporation change) they aren't required to come in front of the community board or the liquor authority, just notify them, and then they do whatever they want unless they require an alteration.

An alteration means they want to change the physical location and number of seats of the bar, among other details.

Sorry for being so boring. It's a crazy thing, this selling and buying of liquor licenses.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for that, Jill....

Uncle Waltie said...

Most of the stuff I know about life I learned on this blog.

Uncle Waltie said...

Polonia had really good Mushroom-Barley Soup. And their Pea Soup was quite delectable as well. I'm still grieving over the loss of Teresa's, though.

Anonymous said...

People aren't seeing the real situation behind Nublu. They treat long time residents like shit and can't wait to see them leave. In the back of Nublu is yard. There are several buildings with back apartments that surround the yard. Nublu refuses to close their windows in the back and long time residents, some with families, some who were born and grew up here are contemplating leaving because of them. Nublu apparently owns their building and has their own aspirations. They show no regard for LOISAIDA and could care about preservation.
I'm telling you, the people in these buildings are being forced out ok.