Friday, September 28, 2012

A Stop Work order at Avenue A's incoming 7-Eleven

A tipster points us to the front door at 500 E. 11th St. at Avenue A, where workers erected a lot of plywood over the former bars here to build out for a 7-Eleven via developer/landlord Ben Shaoul.

In any event, the city served a Stop Work Order here dated Sept. 21 (but apparently served on Monday) for "BLDG CONSTRUCTION WORK BLOCKING SECONDARY MEANS OF EXIT."

Per the notice, the only work allowed here is to "cut access holes in the fence for fire escapes."

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glamma said...

Ben Shaoul is the east village's public enemy #1.
What. A. Scum. Bag.

Anonymous said...

So is it confirmed that it's a 7-Eleven? Maybe I missed it.

Jill said...

The real story would be if shaoul didn't get a stop work order on construction.

unhappy mediator said...

I was wondering when someone was going to notice that the fire escapes from the apartments above were cut into the top of the work shed -- meaning that if you used them you'd end up trapped behind the plywood. Brilliant.

If this really is a 7-11, is there nothing we can do? I'm not much for activity, let alone activism, but I'd protest or boycott or whatever it would take to keep a drunk-co-ed-magnet, soul-of-the-neighborhood-crushing chain convenience store out of Alphabet City.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too was wondering if anyone has organized anything to protest/boycott the possible 7-11. It's so disgusting... is there anything we can do?