Friday, September 28, 2012

Speaking of low-rise stretches of businesses that will soon be extinct

On Sunday, I was walking along Delancey. I stopped to look at the incoming Holiday fucking Inn coming to the corner at Suffolk. I took a photo, and tried to imagine how noisy a room would be here given its location overlooking an insanely busy bridge and thoroughfare.

Taking in the block, I figured the one-level row of businesses to the east of the hotel had a short life span. Not exactly a visionary statement given the ongoing rush to develop parcels of land with so much potential.

In any event, BoweryBoogie had the news yesterday that the one-story strip of 156-164 Delancey Street next to the Holiday Inn is on the market. Per the listing, there are 11,990 square-feet of developable air rights. The parcel has a $3.95 million price tag.

Wonder if that Holiday Inn has triple-paned windows ...

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