Saturday, September 29, 2012

More about the fire on St. Mark's Place tonight

Multiple readers passed along information about the fire that broke out tonight on St. Mark's Place above 2 Bros. Pizza just west of Second Avenue...

[Top photos via EVG reader John]

Per another reader who took all the photos below...

"Many fire trucks, the street is blocked off. Firefighters broke through windows on the apartment above the pizza shop. The fire started around 5:45 pm ... No visible damage to the exterior of the restaurant or the apartment above, other than the now-smashed apartment windows."

So far we haven't heard about any injuries... and per our reader who sent the above shots:

"The place next door to 2 Bros, Little Tokyo, is devastated; a wall was torn out and everything up against it smashed or thrown onto the sidewalk. Those poor guys are going to have a hell of a cleanup..."

And via Facebook...

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