Thursday, September 20, 2012

Taureau has moved away from the East Village

Taureau, the BYOB fondue place at 127 E. Seventh St., recently moved away from the East Village. The place opened in April 2010, and I never met a person who had eaten here. Myself included. Not a dig. Just never quite in that fondue mood.

According to the sign on the door, the eatery relocated to 558 Broome Street. The Taureau website says "the new location is more spacious, more romantic and more convenient to the subway, and still BYOB!"

More romantic? What could be more romantic than being located right next door to the Peter Jarema Funeral Home on East Seventh Street?


esquared™ said...

I've been to Taureau on a cold, dark, rainy, January evening, and that's what this place was perfect for -- on that kind of weather. The fondues, esp. the cheese fondues, were hearty, full, and wonderful, and the service were attentive and great (am not Yelpin' here, just sayin'). Plus, BYOB! with no corkage fee.

But yes, the problem was the location and the space. Hardly anyone noticed it and both the floor space and table space were cramped.

The owner of Taureau is the same one as La Sirene, which is also a BYOB, so I guess it makes sense for them to be near their sister restaurant.

Matt said...

Went there once on a rare date night with my partner. It was nice enough, fine ambiance, good service, but the price tag was outrageous. I forget what it was, but when the check came, we were like, "I thought that was the price for TWO? Sorry, son, you're not going to college." We never went back. I know they're paying East Village rents, but you shouldn't have to gouge people.

Anonymous said...

place was "meh"

how do you have a fondue joint and not have a gruyere traditional cheese fondue? also, you'd leave smelling like the kitchen.