Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A prayer at Ladder Company 3 this morning

Ladder Company 3 on East 13th Street near Fourth Avenue lost 12 firefighters — half of its crew — on Sept. 11, 2001. Here's a profile on Company 3 via CBS News.

Photo by Amy Wasserman via Twitter.


Gojira said...

God forever bless the first responders, those whose lives were taken from them that beautiful September morning 11 years ago, and their still-grieving families. Go out, buy flowers, leave them at a firehouse or police station, to let the world know you have not forgotten and still choose to mark the day, as so many no longer do.

Anonymous said...

A guy I went to High School with died on 9-11. Fellow metlhead from the late 80s. Cool guy. R.I.P.

VH McKenzie said...

A high-school classmate of mine was a flight attendant on the first plane, that hit the North Tower. She left behind a husband and two young children.

My oldest daughter was a 2nd grader at PS 234, just a few blocks from the north tower on Chambers and Greenwich. Husband RAN from Canal Street to pluck her from the chaos. Her school was covered in rubble after the towers fell and closed for months.


And I drink too much wine.

Ever since.

Anonymous said...

let us think for a second Freedom is not free you are all missed your welsh friend

Anonymous said...

we love our heroes at company 3. thank you for being so brave, each and every day