Friday, September 7, 2012

Reminders: Tompkins Square Iron Chef is Sunday

[Bobby Williams]

Previously posted on Aug. 23...

Greenmarket proudly presents Tompkins Square Greenmarket Iron Chef: Veselka Bowery versus Hearth Restaurant/Terroir Wine Bar.

Come see two culinary cornerstones of the East Village in the hot seat as Veselka Bowery and Hearth Restaurant/Terroir Wine Bar face off to claim the title of Tompkins Square Iron Chef.

Each chef has just an hour to transform a "mystery basket" of market ingredients into a delicious dish. Traven Rice of The Lo-Down and our esteemed panel of judges will crown a winner, and limited samples will be available to the public.

Sunday, Sept 9
Tompkins Square Greenmarket
7th St by Avenue A


Hey19 said...

My money is on Marco/Hearth, Ill take all interest.

Anonymous said...

As long as its a good clean fight I will be pleased.