Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The magic is back: Zoltar feeling like a glass act once more!

Yes! Workers fixed up Zoltar today outside Gem Spa ... after his front panel was bashed by a skateboard this past Friday... thanks to Marjorie Ingall for the photo. Can a great deal of good fortune be ahead?

Earlier today ... looking so vulnerable...

[Bobby Williams]

Previously on EV Grieve:
Breaking! Breaking! Zoltar is broken! Broken!


Goggla said...


ShutUpHooker said...

Well.. Zoltar is excited to be back, that flute sticking out of his pants is all the proof you need

Scooby said...

SO happy to hear this news! I have an abnormal fascination with Zoltar if you don't remember. I'm in LA now - news like this MAKES MY DAY. It doesn't hurt that I found one job today and have an interview at another place later this week.
Viva Zoltar!!!!!

(Can't wait to visit my home - even though I just moved out here)

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Zoltar knew all along that elegant surroundings would soon again be his.

glamma said...

hey scooby congratulations, that is excellent
: )