Thursday, April 25, 2013

The May CB3-SLA docket: The Living Room back on for E. 2nd St.; more pizza for 1st Avenue

It's another action-packed CB3-SLA committee docket for May... CB3 released it early yesterday evening...

First! The time and place:

SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, May 20 at 6:30pm — University Settlement Neighborhood Center
189 Allen Street (btwn Houston & Stanton Sts) (north of main entrance)

And now, a few of the highlights...

Sidewalk Cafe Application
• Heart N' Soul Restaurant (Mama's Bar LLC), 200 E 3rd St (unenclosed)

What replaced Mama's here back in March at Avenue B...

Applications within Saturated Areas

• Donostia (EV Cafe LLC), 155 Ave B (wb)

Interesting. This is the former Zee's Pet Shop next to Sheen Brother's ... asking rent had been $2,500.

• East Village Social (TDDG Inc), 122-126 St Marks Pl (op)

• Ludlow House (Soho-Ludlow Inc), 139 Ludlow St (op)


• Papaya King (PKNY2 LLC), 3 St Marks Pl (wb)

Beer for the King?

• Zen 6 Ramen New York LLC, 186 Ave A (wb)

Looks like some ramen at the former Kamui Den ... they closed back in February.


[Photo by esquared™]

• Affaire (Chow Main Corp), 50 Ave B (alt/op/additional stand-up bar)

Asking for an upgrade to full liquor.

New Liquor License Applications
• The Living Room (ACP Project), 173 E 2nd St (op)

Back on the agenda. Read the background here.

• Han Dynasty (Han Dynasty NYU Corp), 90 3rd Ave (wb)

• Goats (Goat Brothers Inc), 213 2nd Ave (op)

Currently Nightengale Lounge.

• Risotteria Melotti (Melotti USA LLC), 309 E 5th St (wb)

This is what is taking over the short-lived Ballaro Bakery near the 9th Precinct...

• Masombrado LLC, 432 E 13th St (op)

Someone is quickly moving into the former Masak space...

• Bruno Pizza LLC, 223 1st Ave (op)

WOW. Someone is quickly moving into the former Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery space... and this will make THREE pizza places almost right in a row here... (And maybe this is a pizzeria from Bruno di Fabio? Just throwing it out there...)

• Everyman Espresso (Everyman Espresso LLC), 136 E 13th St (wb)

Beer and wine to woo back Katie Holmes? Or at least have to serve before and after plays at the Classic Stage Company...

Corporate Change (not heard at committee)
• Fat Buddha (Lo Eng Inc), 212 Ave A (op)

• Mama's Food Shop (Mama Bar LLC), 34 Ave B (op)

b=beer only | wb=wine & beer only | op=liquor, wine, & beer | alt=alterations


Pinch said...

I’m not the most adept business man, but the pizza row situation seems a little silly. Also, that Birdbath space is a pretty decent size (the storefront was small but the back area is big, it’s where they did a lot of the baking for the other location).

EV Grieve said...

@ Pinch

True! I only just noticed how big that space was after the bakery moved out...

blue glass said...

has anybody ever looked at how many places have gone from beer/wine to full liquor licenses, and how long it took for that application?

just what we need - a hot-dog stand that sells beer and wine (papaya king), on st. marks place yet. good for all the woo woos that congregate here, no longer just on week ends.

we are so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, this is a nightmare. Pretty soon there won't be any neighborhood at all, just another Bourbon St.

Anonymous said...

Only one zip code in all of the US has more liquor licenses than the EV - the strip in Vegas. That's just sad.

Anonymous said...

I want to know what fat fuck is eating all the pizza? How do these awful places stay in business? I would never step foot in a $1 pizza joint (because I'm sure their ingredients tastes like dead rats) or that other gross approximation/franchise or whatever the fuck it is (I can't even remember their gross name). Eeeewww. Sorry, I'm not having a good day and this is making it worse. To say nothing of the monstrosity that will be rising on 12th & A. What is happening to our poor, sweet neighborhood?!

Uncle Waltie said...

So happy...well, we finally got our own "Risotteria". Spaghetteria, Mac and Cheeseria...what's next? Diarrhea?