Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Straight to hell: Keeping a watchful eye on the Joe Strummer mural

Workers continued putting up the scaffolding and construction netting at 112 Avenue A and East Seventh Street yesterday ...

[Bobby Williams]

DOB permits point to "facade repair" on the building.

As long as that doesn't turn into "oh, we accidentally painted over the Joe Strummer mural."

And we're off to a fine start... Per Dave on 7th, the workers "ran the conduit for the scaffold lights uncaringly across Joe's face. Prophetic?"

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[Updated] Joe Strummer would have been 60 today


Anonymous said...

Love Joe Strummer, LOVE that there's a huge mural dedicated to him. Don't love the mural.

Makeout said...

Fingers crossed that they don't fuck it up...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've always kinda felt like anon11:33

Can't remember for sure, but I'd say the actual rendering has morphed (deteriorated) over the years with various repaintings (?)

Anonymous said...

So construction is actually for the facade of 132 (the apts above). I think that means that Joe should be alright.

Unsurprisingly, this work (which involves significant interior construction in the unites) was initiated with pretty much zero notice. Even as I type this I realize that it's a story heard a thousand times, but, as a tenant, it's incredibly frustrating, messy and obstructive. Management also claims they are building roof deck.

Anyways, the takeaway: Joe should be just fine.

Anonymous said...

Can't somebody camouflage that pipe? paint it so that it blends into the painting????? yes that pipe will only be temporary for however long the renovation will be, but it doesn't mean we need to have to see it stick out in our face.