Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[Updated] Max Fish is apparently moving to Brooklyn; eyeing August close date

Well, the EVG inbox is filling up with news that Max Fish will be moving from its Ludlow Street home to... Metropolitan Avenue, according to this online petition, first noted this evening by The Lo-Down.

Per the petition:

‘We’ll Take the Spirit and Everything Else With Us’ -Ulli
The Lower East Side institution and cultural icon Max Fish will be moving. We are seeking a 2pm - 4am liquor license for the following address:

132 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

If you've enjoyed time at The Fish please sign and share this petition. And if you live or know anyone that lives within 500 Feet of either 132 Metropolitan Ave or 99 North 1st St in Brooklyn, please contact me directly at:

Several people have been sharing the petition on Facebook. No other info is immediately available, such as when Max Fish would close up on Ludlow Street... where it opened in 1989.

In December 2010, reports surfaced that the demand of rising rent costs might lead to Max Fish's closure. However, by January 2011, owner Ulli Rimkus had received a lease extension.


The petition is also posted on the Max Fish Facebook page... word we received from the Max Fish camp is that they're eyeing an August closing date on Ludlow Street ...

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~evilsugar25 said...

we should compile a list of EV things that have moved to brooklyn (specifically w'burg & greenpoint) in the last 10 years. including every single person i know.

tourist said... ... coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Not smart. This pocket of Williamsburg is changing rapidly, namely with the imminent arrival of the new Domino Sugar complex. They won't last five years, and should seriously considering moving further east down the L train line.

Uncle Waltie said...

I only went to Max Fish once, in the afternoon. Seemed like a nice place. Good luck to them in their new venue.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Move to W-Burg. Which is basically a college town in Anywhere, USA now. Just a bunch of white 23 y/o's running around in a circle drunk. It's more diverse in the UES than W-Burg. But yeah, go there. It's sooooo cool.
Max Fish aint been the same since like 2003 anyway. Later.

Anonymous said...

Please, No! I am a brooklyn resident (bushwick). Max Fish is a great bar, full of obnoxious name-droppers mixed with my cool friends as well as older neighborhood locals. I know a million people who will NOT go to a brooklyn Max Fish, myself included. Even though I live and hang out in brooklyn, I won't go there for Fish. Williamsburg bars are different than LES and even Bushwick bars. It will have lost all its redeeming qualities (namely the 'hood locals who come in to balance out the lofty egos). Very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

whoa great attitude. "I won't support a local business because the wrong people will be there." as for the further down the L line comment... um the rent in upper bushwick (morgan and jefferson stops area) is rising above even williamsburg as we speak ... who doesnt want to pay 3000 dollars for a converted factory apartment with no view BUT its got an exposed "brick" wall.. lol.. and i heard there is going to be a mall built off of bogart within the next few years? so ok if you wanna keep your street cred and band of washed up skaters, why not build in bedstuy? the new frontier? 0:)

Anonymous said...

also, the levee has been doing fine for years and they are open at like noon seven days a week? right around the corner. sure the random beer hall bro from across the way will stumble in. but your atmosphere attracts your clientele. i think if we keep edison bulbs and mason jar cocktails away, well keep the monied white trash no taste dipshits at bay as well.

Baybay Mama said...

This one is a tough one. I'd been going to Max Fish since when I first moved to NYC in the late 90's. It was one of those places that always felt like a home away from home until you saw the next generation of kids coming through those doors and you started to feel old. I worked at Pink Pony for a while and the dudes at Max Fish including Harry behind the bar were just awesome. As much as Williamsburg is an eye roll now, I think Max Fish deserves the right to continue to be a bar and for others to enjoy. Anyway, it's such a shame what is happening to the city and how it's pushing out businesses and raising the rent to incredible heights.

Anonymous said...

I heard the owner was giving a percentage of the business, to all past employees - is this true?