Sunday, April 28, 2013

Do Do is missing

EVG reader Seth shares this:

Anyone who's walked regularly down Broome between Eldridge and Forsyth probably knows "Do Do" — the temple cat at the Guan Gong Temple, 294 Broome. He's often sitting stoically with his quiet Buddha-nature by the door, observing passersby. Sadly, he's missing, and the temple congregants have put a few signs up around the neighborhood. Hopefully neighbors can keep an eye out around the neighborhood and park and if they see him (hopefully alive) grab him and bring him back to the temple. He's a bit of a neighborhood fixture.


Anonymous said...

saw a similar cat hanging around 1 essex st. but the 1 essex cat doesn't seem skittish like the guan gung temple cat.

Anonymous said...

That's a good looking cat, they usually have good memory so he'll come back on his own. Mine's always does whenever he sneaks outside.