Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting a Handle on a FroYo empire

[May 2012]

Speaking of FroYo... has an article on 16 Handles' expansion plans. The self-serve froyogurters opened their very first store right here on Second Avenue back in the innocent days of 2008...

And today! Per the article:

It now has 37 locations across six states through franchising. It plans to more than double that amount by the end of 2014.

16 Handles has some big shoes to fill though. Frozen yogurt sales topped $760 million in 2012 with TCBY, Red Mango and Pinkberry controlling half of the industry, according to IBISWorld.

In the Q-and-A, founder and CEO Solomon Choi says that he plans "to be at a 100 stores by end of next year and at 150 stores [by 2015] and also in a couple different countries at that point.

$760 million? Maybe we should open a FroYo place too...

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