Monday, April 22, 2013

Reminders: Town-hall meeting tonight on the future of Peter Stuyvesant Post Office

Repeating from April 8...

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A follow-up on our item about the the Peter Stuyvesant Post Office closing/relocating... An EVG reader sent us this letter by the front doors at the branch on East 14th Street near Avenue A ... the letter has more details about what's happening here...

From Joseph J. Mulvery, facilities implementation, U.S. Postal Service:

"The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is proposing the relocation of the Peter Stuyvesant Station Post a yet to-be-determined location with the same zip code area.

The reason behind this proposal is the upcoming expiration of the lease on the present location. The lease will expire in February 2014, and we have been unable to reach agreement with the landlord on a new lease."

Jeez, the USPS can't even afford it here...

And as a reminder:

There's a Town Hall scheduled on the matter between Community Board 3 and Community Board 6 on April 22. Location: — Campos Plaza Community Center (gym) at 611 East 13th Street (btwn Aves B & C)

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UPDATED: Did you hear the rumor about the Peter Stuyvesant Post Office branch closing?


Karim said...

Good riddance to this post office as it is the most unpleasant one that I've ever been to. I live two blocks east of it but I prefer to patronize the Cooper Station branch all the way over on 4th Ave.

Seymour said...

5000 sq feet eh? Just imagine how long of a parcel line you could snake around in kind of space.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...


USPS wants to replace that branch with a retail-only operation in the former Duane-Reade space across the street from the fire house on 14th Street near First Ave.

Under this plan, mail for 10009 will now go to Madison sq station at 23rd/3rd for sorting and our current mail carriers will be transferred to that location.

The Madison Sq Station is already operating at capacity. If you think that your mail or package delivery will be improved in any way or your experiences in the new location will be any less "unpleasant," I have a bridge to sell you.

EV Grieve said...

@ Ken

At least that former Duane Reade won't become a bank branch, as rumored!

Pamie said...

Good riddance. I thought the Peter Cooper staffers were unpleasant, slow and lazy until I started using the power of ten. Unbelievable.