Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There's a 'No 7-Eleven' planning meeting tonight

[Bobby Williams]

From the EV Grieve inbox...

NO 7-Eleven, a grassroots movement resisting the spread of chains and franchises, is holding a neighborhood-wide meeting tonight. Their goal is to require that all corporate clone stores, including banks, be required to obtain approval before opening a new location so the community can have a say in the number and location of corporate chains and franchises. Details below. Please spread the word.

Limit corporate clone stores before they limit our food, our commerce, our labor, our streets and our New York City character

7-Eleven is opening a new location on the corner of 11th Street and Ave. A in June.

7-Eleven already opened 32 locations in Manhattan and has an additional 100 stores on the way!

Their plan is to over saturate the neighborhood with locations and remove any and all competition.

If you are as concerned about protecting the East Village and future of the city, please attend:

Next 'No 7-Eleven' Meeting
93 St. Marks Place
Between First Avenue and Avenue A

More details:

The No 7-Eleven blog ... Facebook ... Twitter...

Other news items from the No 7-Eleven group include:
1. 'NO 7-Eleven' just won a grant from Citizens Committee. "One important concern for them is the low quality of food offered to low-income neighborhoods. We share that concern and hope we can make a difference with our effort to have all corporate 'formula' stores (including banks, btw) throughout our fair city go to the local community board for approval before opening."

2. 7-Eleven Corp. has delayed its opening on 11th Street and Avenue A by a month, from May 13 to June 13. And it still has no franchisee.

3. NO 7-Eleven will be featured at the New Museum's Ideas City Festival, May 4 on the Bowery. "We'll have our Community Wheel of Fortune and our NO 7-Eleven Players there to perform."

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Anonymous said...

The New Museum's Ideas City Festival is a great way to bring herds of tourists into the area and to mask the gentrification by pooling everybody together (homogenization). Makes the New Museum seem progressive and concerned when all the while they are infiltrating the East Village. They aren't in the East Village. They are on the Lower East Side.

Of course they are in it because it's all about drawing attention to their cause and themselves. it's just another form of self promotion.

shmnyc said...

N7E is taking on labor issues? I'll be interested to see their perspective on this.

glamma said...

Thank god that resistance is still alive in the hood!

Anonymous said...

Not as interesting as your spam smdh

Anonymous said...

Will they be doing a panel discussion on how the opening of the New Museum helped destroy the Bowery and the rest of the LES?

Anonymous said...

The 7-11 is the least detrimental business on the Bowery.

rob said...

Hey 1:20 -- Can't destroy it: use it.

Anonymous said...

@ rob

That is exactly what they want.

Uncle Waltie said...

Many moons ago I would have had to travel to Madison Avenue in the 40s to buy 300 dollar pants. Now I can just walk around the corner.

rob said...

@ 4:59 -- call me a ho, but we're gonna get the message out May 4

Anonymous said...

smdh good to see you at No-Life NYC

Anonymous said...

I like 7-11. It's food and laxatives all in one.