Sunday, April 28, 2013

[Updated] Oh, the Hyatt Union Square is open

Five-plus years in the making!

And I swear it didn't look open yesterday... Last we heard they were opening May 1. But they are now accepting reservations! And I saw people bringing luggage in and all that kind of hotel stuff here on Fourth Avenue and East 13th Street...


Apologies — We were wrong. The restaurant with the crazy bed frame installation won't be open for a few more weeks... They are currently just serving coffee.

Checked out a room online... rates start at $459.

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Anonymous said...

Rates start $459? That's quite expensive for a standard room. I'll get a bigger room at The Bowery Hotel for the same price.

Anonymous said...

Only $459 a night for a room? How fantastic! I live only blocks but plan to book my weekend getaway from home soon!

greg6833 said...

Outrageous rate! I think I'll stay at the Waldorf or InterContinental for a lot cheaper!

gaminette said...

Why don't they just call it "NYU kids' parents' dorm"?

Anonymous said...

A LOT of cocaine was inhaled on these premises.