Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Longtime parishioners hope to be able to salvage items from the doomed Mary Help of Christians

As you likely know, permits were filed last Thursday to demolish the now-vacant parcel of Mary Help of Christians that includes the church, school and rectory, according to DOB records.

Developer Douglas Steiner has plans for a residential development on this prime East Village space on Avenue A and East 11th Street and East 12th Street.

We heard from a longtime parishioner, who said that she is "hurt and confused beyond words" about the impending demolition.

Some of us have been speaking about trying to secure a few items from the church that are of great historical significance, most specifically the church bells and the cement statue of Mary Help of Christians outside located on 11th Street on the upper floors of the school ... in order to gift them over to the Salesian order. There also some liturgical books that the Salesians have inquired about. The pipe organ unfortunately is beyond our capabilities.

The former parishioners are hoping to be able to contact Steiner and see if these items can be salvaged.

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DrBOP said...

Nygrump.....yeah......you right.

However, all the good wishes in the world to these parishioners in their attempt to preserve those artifacts with which they have a spiritual and emotional connection. Hard to believe that these considerations weren't included as part of the transaction.

Gojira said...

And what about all the amazing statues of saints that lined the walls in the church? What happens to them? The stained glass windows, will they just be sold to some salvage joint? This is simply an utter desecration.

Anonymous said...

A buddy of mine lives behind the church on N. 7th near Driggs that's being demolished . The workers were pulling down and smashing the stained glass windows. He confronted the Hasid's that bought the lot and the guy turned his back on my friend.

rob said...

Okay, folks! -- we've trashed the Catholics and the Jews, anyone want to knock down the perpendicular Presbyterians? Considering that developers building buildings, it's a wonder that they have so little respect for them. A callous breed. Can EVCC or GVSHP intervene with Steiner to get the treasures out? This is really adding injury to injury. It's such a touching gesture from the parishioners.