Monday, April 29, 2013

Another parcel of East 14th Street for sale

As we've been noting, many businesses on East 14th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B are either relocating or closing to make way for some yet-unspecified development.

Last December, we learned that eight parcels consisting of 222 Avenue A and 504 - 530 E. 14th St. (excluding No. 520) were leased for a 99-year period by the respective owner of East Village 14 LLC.

Now, 534 E. 14th St., the building directly next door to the former ABC Animal Hospital, has hit the market. Not necessarily related to the other development, but certainly worth noting. Per the listing at Plaza Real Estate Group:

A unique Five Story walk up building located in central Alphabet City. Close to shopping, cafes, bars and all the East Village has to offer. This walk up building boosts a recently gut-renovated lobby complete with walls of mirrors and mosaic tiles.

Make: Steel/ Brick Size: Approximately 6,700 Square Feet Block / Lot: 407/ 25
Improvements: New Gas conversion/Burner. Brand new gut renovated Lobby 1st floor. All Hallways were recently renovated. Apts. over $1500.00 are renovated.

Air Rights: Approximately 3,705

Price: $7,150,000.

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Anonymous said...

I question this: "Make: Steel/ Brick" -- I live a block east in a similar building and the only steel in the construction is some that got put in to support the staircase in the 1980s. How about "Wood/Brick"

Anonymous said...

I was in the laundry mat this morning and the woman told me that they are relocating to where the 99 cent store used to be just east of ottos. She said NYU has bought up the block from the corner of A to where the laundry mat is. Not sure of that includes Rite Aid building, Dunkin Donuts or anything east of the laundry mat. Looks like people were guessing right. NYU is moving in! Thinking this will create a lot more noise this end of 14th. Positive side: I guess it will look nicer more kept.

Ron Zucher said...

To the first Anonymous quote; Good observation, the building was never built as a steel frame, we have changed the information on the listing. Thank you for your insightful information and good work on history :)