Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week in Grieview

[Photo in Tompkins Square Park yesterday by Derek Berg]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

Steve Croman hit with 20 felony charges; faces 25 years in prison (Monday ... Thursday)

Tenants and local elected officials speak out against Icon Realty (Tuesday)

Other Music closes for good on June 25 (Monday)

Health Department to inspect Raphael Toledano's East Village properties for toxic levels of lead dust (Monday)

The moment when a dog urinated on Donald Trump's portrait outside Tompkins Square Park (Wednesday)

In Vino closes for good on East Fourth Street after service tomorrow (Thursday)

Despite looming shutdown, MTA plans to start expanding the First Avenue L stop (Friday)

Without a liquor license, Dahlia's decides to close for now (Monday)

Trader Joe's a possibility for the Extell Development on 14th Street and Avenue A (Thursday)

Out and About with John Ellert (Wednesday)

Branded sidewalk bridge arrives at 347 Bowery along with prices for the million-dollar condos (Wednesday)

New street art for Prince and David Bowie (Thursday)

Mikey Likes It unveils a new ice cream truck (Tuesday)

Loose bricks drama on Third Avenue (Wednesday... Friday)

At the 2016 NYC Cannabis Parade (Sunday)

Jones LES is for sale on East Houston (Wednesday)

Cellar 58 closes for renovations (Tuesday)

Confectionery opens on East Ninth Street (Monday)

Nail salon coming to the former Twist space on Avenue A (Wednesday)

Construction enters awesome pile-driving phase at 438 E. 14th St. (Thursday)

Taking in Mercury's trip across the Sun from Second Avenue (Monday)

Eastville Gardens sells for $44 million on Eighth and Avenue C (Friday)

The Funkiberry space will become a pizzeria — again (Friday)

Vacancy Project bringing hair, art and coffee to East 10th Street (Monday)

The New Museum is expanding on the Bowery (Wednesday)

The new Mamoun's Falafel is now open on St. Mark's Place (Tuesday)

[Photo by Steven]

...and as a parting thought, plus always be mindful when parking your semi on First Avenue...

[Photo by Derek Berg]

... and disposing of your ax...


Anonymous said...

Whose axing?

Too Hot Sauce said...

The new Mamouns is great but what happened to the hot sauce? It is very vinegarry now and way too hot, and I like it hot. It this was ridiculous. Whoever is making it now need to fix the old recipe, otherwise it's a big improvement over their old hole in the wall.

Anonymous said...

That truck is waiting so patiently for the traffic cop to finish writing the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Damn I've been seeing lots of cornballs hanging on and sitting on and messing with that tree branch lately, I hope that's OK for the tree? I don't know if it is or not so I never say anything.