Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Fridays rehash: An EV Grieve editorial (aka, this week's sign of the Apocalypse)

Hey, we're STILL digging into the EVG archives for these next few summer Fridays... We first posted this hard-hitting editorial on July 31, 2008 ...


According to the Times today, shorts are no longer "an office don't. These days, they are downright respectable" at the office.

EV Grieve responds:

"Shorts are no longer an office don't" — OH YES THEY ARE.

"These days, they are downright respectable" at the office — NO! NEVER! NEVER EVER.

That is all. Thank you.

Oh, if you must, an excerpt from the article:

The willingness of men to expand the amount of skin they are inclined to display can be gauged by the short-sleeved shirts Senator Barack Obama has lately favored; the muscle T-shirts Anderson Cooper wears on CNN assignment; and the Armani billboard in which David Beckham, the soccer star, appears nearly nude.

Not a few designers are pushing men to expose more of the bodies that they have spent so much time perfecting at the gym. “We have all these self-imposed restrictions” about our dress, said Ben Clawson, the sales director for the designer Michael Bastian. “As men’s wear continues to evolve and becomes a little more casual without becoming grungy, it’s not impossible anymore to be dressed up in shorts.”

While Mr. Bastian is a designer of what essentially amounts to updates on preppy classics, even he has pushed for greater latitude in exposing men’s bodies to view.

[Photo: Elizabeth Lippman for The New York Times]


Anonymous said...

EEW to the shorts and jacket to the office look.
The Beckham ad is one looks like that. My boyfriend is way better than that. Beckham looks like a freak.

pinhead said...

Out of respect, Grieve, I will cover my legs when commenting.

EV Grieve said...

To be honest, since this article appeared, I've worn shorts and a jacket to work ... though you can't see the ensemble under my Buzz Lightyear costume while roaming Times Square.

randall said...

Wearing shorts to work is like going into the Stage Restaurant and asking for sweet potato fries.

DrBOP said...

Speedo Saturday (worn with a Tux Top) is a Canadian Tradition of millenial standing. (Indoor Occupations ONLY!)

If 'ya gotta work Saturday, might as well let it all hangout!
(embed appropriate youtube vid)

Fipper said...

@grieve - you actually "go to" work? Thought this was your full-time gig! :)

EV Grieve said...

@ Flipper

Well, I guess making balloon animals for the children isn't really work...

Anonymous said...

Cargo shorts are an East Village no.