Friday, April 4, 2014

New York Sports Club says hello on Avenue A

As we first reported last April 29, New York Sports Club is opening a gym above Gracefully at 28 Avenue A.

And yesterday, a banner advertising the new gym went up on the scaffolding, as the above photo by EVG reader Jon shows. There is also a website now for this location with more details:

Avenue A & 3rd Street club opens fall 2014
We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Avenue A & 3rd Street club this fall. This 20,000-square-foot fitness gem will feature four floors loaded with brand new state-of-the art equipment and staffed with a team of the finest fitness professionals ready to help you get in the best shape of your life. Features will include a UXF® Training Zone, a cycling studio, a group exercise studio, and all of the first-class amenities that have made us a fitness leader for 39 years strong:

• State-of-the-art cardio equipment with personal interactive TVs
• Spacious free weight area featuring tons of equipment
• Energizing group exercise classes such as Spinning®, Pilates and more
• UXF Circuit Training
8 Certified personal trainers
• Towel service

We're still hopeful that the the familiar Burger-Klein façade remains on the renovated building. The furniture seller occupied the building as early as 1939. Read more about the history of the Burger-Klein building at Off the Grid.

This will be the second major gym to open in the East Village this year. There's also the Crunch coming the to Bowery. Or you can just do the Citi Bike stationary workout for free!

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Anonymous said...

In the past few years I've heard people talking about "spinning" and "spinning class". At first I didn't realize it was something done at a gym but rather a social gathering like a sewing group or coffee klatsch . Last week watching a tv ad I discovered it is the not so modern stationary bicycle given a new name and apparently the classes have a motivational speaker facing you on a bicycle with a headset mic. I rather ride a citibike and at least get some scenery.

Anonymous said...

Another new business that I can't afford moves into the neighborhood. Sigh. Good thing my old bike is still going and I can get my exercise biking around town.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if this big gym will survive in what is still a lightly populated area. Maybe the franchisees know something that we don't.

Anonymous said...

What a strange location for this place. I real hope they keep the facade at least and don't put up some big ugly NYSC neon shit.

Anonymous said...

While this is another nail in the coffin for non-stabilized / non-subsidized renters like me who will soon be displaced by the typical NYSC-going clientele, I am ecstatic to have a nearby option from Avenue C that doesn't involved the disgustingness that is Dolphin.

Anonymous said...

I only join gyms that are on the ground floor, too many stairs, ughhh.

Anonymous said...

"Typical NYSC-going clientele" are pretty normal folks. It's not a fancy gym like Equinox or NYHRC. I don't even think it's as expensive as Crunch. I KNOW it's not as expensive as the Y!

I suspect people wouldn't be bitching if David Barton was opening one of his super-cool ~pUnK rOCk~ gyms in this space, but guess what -- I can't afford Barton either!

--EV resident and NYSC member since 1998

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I only join gyms that are on the ground floor, too many stairs, ughhh."

Now that's funny!

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

The Y, on the other hand, has a pool! Well worth a couple of extra bucks.

Anonymous said...

Several NYSCs have pools.

moe said...

The portrayal by posters here of NYSC as a high-end elite gym is incorrect. By local standards NYSC prices are pretty much middle of the road.

Anonymous said...

Most "gyms" nowadays have surveillance camera grids watching you 24/7, even in the shower. Perverted Dirty Harry Reid. Nazi pelosi, criminal gangster communist government.

Anonymous said...

I go to NYSC as well and I'd actually say it's on the low-end of gyms. I once went to Equinox using a guest pass from a relative and that place was nice... and WAY too expensive for me.

In terms of gym, I'd say it has everything I need. Free weights, dumbbells, exercise balls, a classroom, and some treadmills.

I get membership through work but a normal rate is I think $80 bucks. I think if someone buys 20 beers in a month at a bar (at say $4 a beer), well, then, paying $80 to stay in relatively decent shape to avoid a heart attack is not expensive.

Priorities... lol

Anonymous said...

Hello 2:36,

That's the thing these Y extollers don't realize: There's a difference between a fitness center and a gym. Great as the 1st/14th Y may be with a pool and all, I'm not going to be able to seriously work out there, because it's not really a gym. It's got a couple of cardio machines and a stack of free weights. That may be enough for a lot of people, but not for the gym rats. And if people here don't apologize for being dive bar habitues (nor should they), I'm not going to apologize for being a gym rat.

Not to mention that if you join one Y, you can't go to any others without paying a fee. My $78/month NYSC fee lets me go to any of the clubs. 23rd/Park is really sweet at night because you can run and watch the traffic go by on the second floor. Irving is my jam, though.

I will check out this new NYSC and I'm not sorry! Although I wish I had the nerve to work out at that grungy 6th Street gym (between A/B) while I still had the chance.

Anonymous said...

Any word on this actually opening?

Unknown said...

This is an excellent gym-- the staff is super friendly and helpful and it is never too crowded... perfect if you hate those overcrowded.
NM- Lower East Side resident since 1987