Friday, April 4, 2014

Report: Not everyone is happy about the pending arrival of Nublu's 2-story new home

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

Construction continues at 151 Avenue C, the two-story building that Nublu will relocate to this fall …

And as The Villager reports this week, the 12-year-old music club's move up Avenue C is leaving some residents of neighbor C-Squat unhappy.

C-Squat resident Brett Pants told the weekly paper that he "sees a 'megabar, two stories high,' full of drunks, 'who at closing time will pour onto our streets to fight and piss and make a mess.' Fights outside the 99-cent pizza joint below his window are common."

Said Nublu owner Illhan Ersahin:

The nightlife operator said concern about noise at the soon-to-open location is news to him, and he looked quite perplexed that a quality-of-life complaint might be emanating from C-Squat.

His bar will not be on the lookout for loud students and, in a nod to the pre-gentrifying pioneers, Ersahin eruditely observed that the East Village “has a tradition of cultivating culture…from Jack Kerouac to Talking Heads.” His club, he insisted, is just following that tradition.

[Photo by Brett Pants]

Meanwhile, not from the article … the arrival of Nublu means, unfortunately, that Speakeasy upstairs will be closing in the coming weeks. (We heard early May.) RIP to one of the last great neighborhood bars.

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Anonymous said...

To stick a big pin in the argument that the east village has always been loud, wild, filled with yelling, fighting and drunks as well as anything goes nightlife which may or may not add to our cultural heritage.... 30 some years ago this neighborhood had half the residents that is has now. When the squat next door plugged in the their guitar amplifiers at 3 AM for a jam session nobody that had a job or desired to sleep thought it was a sacrifice worthy to our musical culture. A lot of us were poor and had no to little options to live elsewhere. Think about all the early 80's clubs, Danceteria, The Mud Club, Area, etc... those locations are mostly residential with multi million condos and co-ops. There are little places left in Manhattan (Roseland) where people can let loose without stepping all over a neighborhoods basic rights to a decent night's sleep and sidewalks not covered with piss and vomit. Musicians and artists have been replaced by bro packs and she packs roaming the streets looking for the next themed bar or artesian foodie spot.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh yeah, this seems pretty freaking hypocritical of the C-Squatters in question. Nublu is a far cry from 13 Steps or its ilk -- they actually support the local music scene, for one, and the crowd there, nights I've been, tends toward the relatively grown up.

Anonymous said...

problems with other location down the block had no regard for residents front or back
Illhan said 62 c would become a recording studio once they relocated, sounded good yet at the cb meeting Illhan said that he was going to turn 62 c into a restaurant- just what we need on avenue c
furthermore Petrit Pula Nublu affiliate and partner Karina Correa(NolitaCafeGitane/fashionista) opened eatery,Bikinis wanting to use the back yard against residents wishes. Recently they wanted upgrades to full liquor with backyard use and to do a gallery space-no respect for residents- people like this love the gentrification and don't see any problems with the changes in neighborhood all for it-

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to NuBlu. Glad they are staying in the neighborhood, and hopefully the new space is great. I'm glad it's closer to my home!

As for the concerns about an unruly crowd, that sort of atmosphere is not normally cultivated at NuBlu. The music is in the range of jazz, dub, electronic, some Brazilian, etc. It's more of a musician crowd than a drunken college crowd. I've seen the small groups of smokers outside the current club, but never experienced loud rowdy drunk crowds.

That said, I of course hope NuBlu retains its musical focus, and does not sell out to cater to the obnoxious segment. It's one of the few live music venues remaining in the East Village, and I hope it continues to support creative music with integrity.

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

The old NuBlu was a problem for residents in the buildings next door. They only had beer and wine which should be enough for a music club. The new Nublu is several times the size of the old one, has two stories and wants everything - a full liquor, a restaurant, an outdoor cafe etc. Have you seen the size of this space? This is not going to be some tiny intimate jazz/world music club, but another upscale party spot with live music. Remember when the folks behind the Wayland said they were going to try and preserve some of the feel/vibe and maybe even music of the Banjo Jim's, that didn't exactly pan out. This is a cash cow that has nothing to do with the old days of the hood.

Eden Bee said...

It's going to be a huge club and it sure will be interesting to see how the 99cent pizza crowd reacts to the crowds that will be in front of Nublu late at night. Should be an interesting mix..this will not be a cozy venue catering to local artists at all i think. I guess we will find out soon enough. Sad about Vito leaving. Now that was a fun spot!

Scott said...

I live directly above that 99 cent pizza joint and have watched more than one argument/fight from my bedroom window. I shouldn't have a problem dumping a bucket of ice water on a group of loud-mouth idiots.

Anonymous said...

Brett FYI
tried to knock down Apt 13-was successful-they eventually got in with a full liquor license against cb rules-was able to get a 12am closing though-
they recently came back for an upgrade of hours-brought people from La Plaza Cultural in their support and they now have 2am on Fri and Sat-
this is the game- they start out small then take everything-toss money to the non-profits and gardens-
we need your help-tell your friends to stop siding with the enemy
do you know who owns this and why they are here-
Aleksandra Drozd
Paul Seres
John Keller
the people who are destroying our neighborhood are in nightlife-hospitality-real estate-they are in the pants of our gardens and non profits