Monday, April 14, 2014

This year's Howl! Festival has been postponed

[Photo from 2013 by ~Joan]

Word went out last night that the annual Howl! Festival has been postponed… here's the message from the Howl! website

And that's all we have about it at the moment…

Updated 4/14:

Bob Holman had this to say about the situation last evening on his Tumblr

Steve Cannon will continue as Poet laureate and will rule at the next HOWL, whenever that is. It’s Tompkins Sq Park bureaucracy, IMHO — HOWL has never been supported like the Treasure that it is.


Jill said...

Just like the restaurants that temporarily close for renovations and never reopen, this smells like the end of the Howl Festival.

Anonymous said...

How long can they drag this thing out anyway?

Cookiepuss said...